About Us

Welcome to Comprehensive West 

Our purpose is assisting individuals who have decided that taking short cuts in life are no longer working. 

The body is a beautiful machine which is often neglected and pushed to the edge. 

We believe the body can heal itself, with proper understanding, guidance, rest, proper nutrition and healthy coping skills. Yes! There are those situations where more in-depth is needed. However, the goal is to presently take care of your wellness from the inside out. So, you can enjoy the rest of your life; without taking care of your illness. 

Here at Comprehensive West your health and wellness are our top priorities. We implement integrated and holistic methods to our treatments. We provide a personal one on one approach while meeting you mentally where you are. We are all Bio-individuals with different healing requirements.

Here at Comprehensive West, you will find Real, Raw and Relatable, kindness and understanding.

CW offers a variety of services for your mental health and wellness needs. Coaching and Integrated treatment for all life-genres regarding women, men and couples. CW prides itself in the gratification of your successes.   


Our clients learn that accountability, planning and purpose are some of the main elements for transformation while incorporating the mind, body, and soul.

Here at Comprehensive West, we know action is key.... "Talk is good, planning is better, but action is exceptional." 

                                                                                                                                 - Dr. Candace Elaine PsyD.

                                                                                       So, let's get started on your new journey. 





Serving California & The Rest of The World.